Google Year in Search 2018

World most popular Search Engine is Google. Everyone use daily to search everything. Now we are at end of the years. we have to look back, what people search on Google. Google trend is the best place to overview what people search around the world using Google.

Above video, Google YouTube channel published it show what most people search in 2018 as video.

You can go to following Link. Google trend explorer and type your keyword then find which country which city was most searched that.

above screenshot show Google top search trends in different categories. Search, News, Music etc

using side bar your can explore specific keyword trend on the  Google trends.

Google trend sidebar

Click explore option, then you can type your specific keyword to trend.

For example I type “Sex” keyword on the box, then I got top 5 Countries that word search on past 12 months.

here is the results. 1 Bangaladesh, 2 Ethiopia, 3 Sri Lanka. this is first 3 place.

if you have research specific keyword you can type in the box, then find trend for that keyword.

Then you can target visitors for that keyword and create contents.

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