Google I/O 2018

Google I/O is a developer conference and meeting organized by Google in Mountain View, California. Every year developers from all around the world meet in order to discuss and share their skills with google expert , and also to learn more about Google’s latest developer products like : building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open sources such as Android, Chrome and Chrome OS, APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more.

Google I/O 2018 was held May 8-10 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. Google IO event has had a ton of huge announcements, not only about Android this time around. Google Maps, Google Assistant and Gmail have new features you’ll want to learn about. Here’s all of the huge Google IO news and announcements organized and explained.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant has made a major development: Google Duplex has Assistant manage your call
Google Assistant is becoming more intelligent with a natural-sounding voice (based on John Legend voice) that can make phone call appointments and reservations for you. Google says that it’ll support more than 30 languages and will be in 80 countries by the end of the year. It also says Assistant is now compatible with more than 5,000 home devices. users can now keep asking questions without having to say “Hey Google,” every time.
It’s called Google Duplex, and the company explained this with two recordings of phone calls at Google I/O, which it said were real calls to businesses. It was hard to tell, though – both the Assistant (the caller) and the business employee (a human being) sounded real. Only one was a real person, much to the surprise of the audience.
Google has said that six new and original voices are coming to Google Assistant this year. One of the voices is singer-songwriter John Legend. The company revealed that, thanks to advancements in AI, it can now develop new voices within few weeks rather than years.
To conclude.This new AI can chat to an unsuspecting human who asks it questions and completes its bidding. However, don’t get too excited as there hasn’t been a release date on the feature yet.

Google Lens on more phones

Google Lens on more phones : Google Lens is a super-powered version of Google Goggles, and it’s quite similar to Samsung’s Bixby Vision, It enables you to perform things such as point your phone at something, like a specific flower for example, and then ask Google Assistant what the object you’re pointing at is. You’ll not only be told the right answer, but also you’ll get suggestions based on the object, like nearby florists, in the case of a flower.
Google Lens will come to an Android phone near you very soon via its native camera app, If you have one of the ten additional Android devices that are getting Google Lens inside their native camera apps, you’ll be able to access the feature simply by going into your camera and seeing the icon on the bottom right. Tapping on the icon activates the Google Lens feature and you’ll be able to point your smart phone camera at objects and different sights to identify more information about them.
Google Lens can recognize clothes, books, buildings, plants, animals, and works of art. It’ll be able to pull relevant shopping results for clothes it snaps, titles of books, more information about landmarks, and details about the paintings. It can also tell you what species and classification is an animal or plant.

Gmail Autocomplete

Gmail can now autocomplete entire emails: It is getting AI-powered ‘smart compose’ to write your emails for you
This is a new feature for Gmail email service called Smart Compose, it is going to help you create and complete sentences in emails so you can reduce the number of taps you need to perform to write your messages. Using machine learning and an understanding of the messages you’ve previously written, Smart Compose will take the context of your text and predict what may be coming next.

Google Maps with new features

Google Maps have been the best app ever created , and it is a very important product, a lot of people all around the world are using it every day, You pull up Maps, enter your directions, watch the arrow populate, and walk in a random direction until you figure out which way you should actually be going. No more! Google is introducing new features to give you better recommendations for local places. Simply point your phone at the street and a StreetView AR overlay will pop up, pointing you in the exact direction while also keeping the Google Maps layout at the bottom of the screen. This seems like a well-design fixed for Google Maps.

Android P beta available today

This year, Google is doing something different with Android. Instead of showing you all the ways you can use its phone operating system to do more, it’s creating features to help you use it less.
Google is making the Android P beta more accessible :it is available now on Google Pixel, Essential Phone, OnePlus, Mi, Sony, Essential, and Oppo handsets.between now and when the software goes official, there will be a lot of improvements and updates. Android P is going to be more intelligent than Android Oreo in four ways : New Android navigation, Better battery life, Predicting actions : ( which apps you want to use next),and also new Android P Dashboard.


Jaguar to supply 20,000 cars to Google’s self-driving spin-off Waymo
Alphabet’s Waymo self-driving Jaguar I-Pace car doesn’t resemble to any other autonomous cars, It is very interesting and important driverless car. Moreover, Waymo plans to put 20,000 self-driving Jaguar on roads over the next few years. Pedestrian safety is something Waymo claims they’ve increased by 100x, showing their cars’ ability to identify pedestrians in blow-up dinosaur costumes, partially hidden behind planks of wood, and poking out of manhole covers. They also showed a Waymo van avoiding a collision with a car running a red light — something that might have come in handy during last week’s crash.

Those were the biggest and the most important announcements so far from Google I/O 2018, we are really interested in your opinions, which is the most announcement you like and you can’t wait for ? Please let us know in the comments below.


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