Apple WWDC 2018

Apple WWDC 2018:

As it has happened every year, after the keynote, the apple company publishes the full conference on YouTube so that all those who have not been able to follow, can see it.

The inaugural keynote of WWDC 2018 lasted more than two hours and was aimed at updating the status of all the company’s operating systems: iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS went through the stage to show the novelties of this year.

Following are some of the highlights of WWDC 2018:

iOS 12 is now official:

Now that WWDC 2018 has started and once with Craig Federighi presenting iOS 12 along with the rest of the news, it is time to discover which are the iPhone and iPad that can be updated to iOS 12 to use all their new features. Keep in mind that not all previous iPhone and iPad are compatible since it requires minimum performance and power.

Of course, this update is not available until the fall. Meanwhile, Apple will be publishing a series of beta versions for developers with which to polish the system.

Augmented Reality (AR) is everywhere:

With the launch of iOS 12, Augmented Reality is gaining relevance in iOS more and more. Apple has started the news with the improvements in 3D graphics and augmented reality of ARKit. For example, iOS 12 introduces a new tool to easily measure the elements of real life.

ARKit 2.0 will be available from iOS 12 and supports face recognition, object recognition in three dimensions and shared experiences. The latter is ideal to allow multiplayer games in augmented reality.

Photos for iOS level up in iOS 12:

Photos are one of the most important applications of iOS because we do dozens of photographs and all of them are stored there, it is the place to find and share memories. In iOS 12 the app improves considerably with an improvement in the search tool which is now smart and understands what we are looking for depending on the context.

The ‘For you’ section also comes to Photos, which shows suggestions, compilations of moments and more outstanding and personalized content for us. This is practically the same as Apple Music’s ‘For You’.

Siri on iOS 12 is smarter and does more actions than before:

The virtual assistant of Apple improves considerably in iOS 12 because from now on, it opens more to third-party applications so that they can integrate the best assistant in their apps. For example, you can say “Siri, help me relax” and connect with one of your mindfulness apps for it. In the lock screen now intelligent suggestions of Siri will appear depending on the context in which we are.

Siri Shortcuts, automation comes to iOS:

Remember when Apple acquired the Workflow app? Now everything makes sense. Apple has incorporated its workflow creation system in its new app called Shortcuts. Thanks to this, we can make shortcuts that allow us to automate tasks directly in iOS.

Shortcuts will be incorporated into iOS 12 and developers will be able to use its API to integrate it into their own applications. It is the best possible way for us to directly use Siri with third-party apps and save time and tasks.

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