iOS 12 Feature

Next iOS Features:

As it happens every year, Apple has presented next iOS feature – iOS 12 in WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2018. It is not the final version but a beta that will be refined in the coming months. The final version and supposedly without errors will arrive in September for all users with a compatible iPhone or iPad.

Here are the features of the Next iOS – iOS 12:

News, Stock Exchange, Voice Notes, and iBooks are renewed:

Although Apple News has not yet reached many countries, Apple has renewed and improved the application to offer more content and greater relevance to users.

With the next iOS, Voice Notes has been completely rewritten and redesigned. The app will now also be available on the iPad. On the other hand, also it comes with Apple Books as a novelty in iBooks. The app not only changes its name but also introduces the audiobooks and other improvements that we will discover in the coming weeks.

Digital health in iOS:

The time we spend in front of our devices is important. Apple is aware of this and has introduced new tools to better self-manage the time we spend with the iPhone and iPad. The first one is Do not disturb in bed. Now the iPhone to be in bed will show us much less information if we activate it so that we focus on sleep.

iOS Bedtime:

Apple finally improves notifications in iOS. Now we can directly manage notifications in the banner that appears in a notification. Even Siri will recommend us which applications should activate in notifications and which should not. And yes, finally comes the groups of notifications in iOS, grouping the notifications by groups according to their importance and relevance.

iOS Timer:

Screen Time is a new tool that will show us how much time and how we use our iPhone and iPad. The app will offer us a weekly report on how we use the device, at what times we use it and which apps are the ones that we use the most or those that send us the most notifications. The limits of time in the apps also arrive, we can limit how much time we want to use each app on a daily basis and it will notify us once we spend this time.

More Animojis have arrived:

Indeed, Animojis now also detect your tongue so you can get your tongue out. On the other hand, Apple has added new Animojis such as the tiger, the ghost or the koala. But if this were not enough, Apple has introduced the Memojis which allows us to make custom avatars that resemble us and use them as avatars in three dimensions. Animojis and Memojis are incorporated directly into Messages with many more tools to edit and create videos to share.

FaceTime already allows group calls:

FaceTime finally allows group calls but not with one, two or three people, but with up to 32 people at a time. Group video calls are finally available in iOS 12. In addition to this, they are integrated into Messages, we can send an invitation and group members can join the conversation.

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