How to Properly use TweetDeck

Hello Friends, Today I’m going to share how to work on TweetDeck web application. Its like a Twitter Pro.

Using TweetDeck you can do all thing as with brilliant extra features.

Lest go

First go to

Then it will forward to this URL

TweetDeck Login

To start click Log in Button or click sign up now

You need login using Twitter account.

After press login button you will see following page

Twitter Login

Type Twitter account username and password. Then press login button.

Now you will see TweetDeck dashboard with column

TweetDeck Column

You can see many columns tweet, notification, message, schedule etc.

Now I’m going to show how to add new column

Add Column

Press Add Column button

Then you can see following window

TweetDeck Column Type

Using this box, you need choose column type

Home – Twitter news feed include using this button

User – you can your own account tweet list.

Notification – you can see all notifications as column

Search – This is very useful feature. If you have any specific #Keyword #Hashtag you can get all tweet related to this hashtag. Its very useful you can get all useful contents.

List – you can choose twitter list using this

Collection – you can select collections

Trending – using this button it will add column including all trending hashtags

Likes – using this option you can add column including all likes you made on twitter

Message – you can add message column

Mention – using this you can get all tweet mentioned you

Followers – you can add separate column list of your followers

Schedule – after press this it shows all scheduled tweets if you scheduled already

If you have connected multiple accounts to your TweetDeck, you can see all messages using messages button, or all accounts mention using Mentions button

Next activity button, you can see all activity as column using this option

How to use Search Column

If you need to add keyword search press Search button

Then type keyword in the box and press Enter key

Tweet Search

Then search results column will add

After add column you can see it like this

Search Results

You can see lot of tweets related your keyword (#hashtag)

You can add filter to this search results. Then you can get tweet with your requirements

To do modifications press top right corner button, then it will show modification option drop down list.

TweetDeck Column Settings

If you need change your keyword or part you can type in top search box, then press enter

Under Location drop down box select location to get tweet from that location.

Location Search

Next filter by users

Under tweet author you can select users to show tweets.

Tweet Authors

All users, specific users, me, verified users or you can select member list.


Engagement is next option, you can filter search results by adding this specification.

Retweet count

Like count

Replies Count

More Preferences

TweetDeck Column Preferences

You can turn on or off notifications by ticking “Enable Sound” option.

Then Media Preview Size

Hidden, Small, Medium or Large, by changing this option you can choose what option best match to you.

Using Share button, you can get Search Query with all options and filters.

Copy Search Query

Using Clear button, you can clear all modifications or using remove button you can remove this column from the window.

How to add Multiple accounts to Tweet Deck

To add or remove account click on Accounts option

TweetDeck Accounts

Then It will show following column, you can see existing account and its options as follows.


Using this option, you can manage Team, Confirmation Steps before tweeting, and you can select default account from here.

If need add more accounts to TweetDeck press “Link another account you own”

Then it will show following window.

Multiple Account Add Message

You can see advice and brief introduction how this work and how to use

Then press continue, then new popup window will open and ask new twitter account details.


After add username and password, press Authorize button, it will get access to new twitter account and will add to TweetDeck accounts list

Next Settings Option

TweetDeck Settings

After press settings option it will popup small box,

Release Notes

Keyboard Shortcuts

Search Tips


Log out


After press Settings you can see above option window.

You can choose Dark or Light theme for TweetDeck

Column type

Font size

And more options

Using this article, I show some features and how to use it, you can do more using TweetDeck. You can use Twitter as Pro.

And do more and more on Twitter.

If you have known more tips share on comment section and share with others.


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