How to Promote Crypto Airdrop on Twitter X


When you are building crypto-related businesses or creating your own crypto token, Twitter is the best place for promoting and getting investors. You can do marketing on the Twitter platform to build your crypto fanbase and get investors’ attention quickly and easily. Twitter has 528.3 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets posted daily. Twitter’s top users are from the USA: 95.4 million, 67.5 million from Japan, 27.3 million from India, 24.3 million from Brazil, and 24 million from Indonesia. In the crypto world, the top crypto users are from Japan, the United States, South Korea, India, Singapore, Russia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. You can promote your crypto token or service to the biggest crypto community on the Twitter X platform.

In first place Create a Twitter account by filling in your details, such as your name, email, password, phone number, and birthday. Then you need to create an attractive profile picture, including your CryptoToken logo, and also create and upload a cover photo to the Twitter profile. Write an attractive bio for your Twitter profile. Add a location and website URL. Create a username related to your crypto token or website name; if not available, add some letters or numbers at the end of the username. Now you have finished creating your Twitter profile.
You need to post a welcome tweet first, then a tweet about your crypto token and services. After that, follow the top crypto-related Twitter users.
Here are the top crypto Twitter accounts and influencers.


When tweeting, always include crypto-related hashtags and mention top crypto profiles. Then you can engage with rising crypto tweets from top crypto influencers by always liking and retweeting related posts. Now you have warmed up your Twitter account. Continue to add crypto-related contents and engage with crypto-related people. Reply and like others.

Now you are ready to start some marketing methods to grow your profile engagement and followers. You can start crypto-airdrop campaigns to gain more followers. You can decide how much money to invest in an airdrop and create, plan, and launch your airdrop. When you create an airdrop, add tasks to complete it. Ask to add like, retweet, and follow your Twitter profile, then add a screenshot as proof. When people like and retweet your Airdrop tweet, it will show to others in the crypto community then your tweet can gain massive engagement and followers.
You can add extra task asking join Telegram group/channel and Discord joins if you want to grow your Telegram channel or Discord channel. Then you can continue to promote your crypto token for the crypto community Telegram and Discord channels in future.
We can see crypto promotion services on Fiverr and other platforms. You can hire a Twitter expert to grow airdrop campaign marketing. I have added a few Twitter crypto promotion services here.

You can get 100 to 600 Twitter retweets, likes, and tweet sharing for $10 to $60. Also, you can search for a lot more services on the platform.
Also, you can promote NFT collection using this method. With NFT giveaways and Twitter marketing, also you can grow your NFT Discord channel, etc.
I think you learned something important from this article. We are in the crypto 2024 bull market now, and you can build a new crypto business and grow with Twitter. You can comment if you have any questions. Have a nice day.

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