How one can Earn Money by using Facebook

How one can Earn Money by using Facebook
How one can Earn Money by using Facebook
How one can Earn Money by using Facebook
How one can Earn Money by using Facebook

Hello Friends, Today I’m going to talk about How to Make money using Facebook website and its service. Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks on the planet. Billions of active users every month. You can use these people to grow your business and build brand name.

Create Brand name on Facebook

Before Earn money, you need create plan what you are going to do. If you need promote your business. You need create Fan page and Facebook Group, you need properly design with your business Logo, Cover photo or you can insert short cool intro video about your business as Fan page cover video. Then you need write proper description and about section on Facebook page, add contact details for customers to easy reach. You can add email, phone, address and other social media services such as, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram with website URL. After created Facebook page you need create quality original content, content need interesting to your audience, little bit funny and useful. You can get more engage with your contents. More shares, more Reactions is value. When post Facebook content you can add small ads between these posts, you can add short videos, mems, trending on your fan page. Don’t forget to ask review from your audience and customers, allow review on top of the page from your customers.

Next you can grow Fan page naturally or you can do paid promotions. Promote your contents image, video ads for targeted customers from targeted people and country.

Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

You can make money using affiliate program, you need join amazon associate program or any other affiliate program, then you can promote your affiliate products on Facebook. You can use several methods to find customers on Facebook, some people create new Facebook profile, then add people from niche related Facebook group and pages. If your affiliate product Health and fitness related, then find people from health and fitness related Facebook Group and pages. Like that page then reply like to the posts, then slowly send friend request to the active people on that page. Daily like posts, reply others comment then grow your people day by day. Then people will accept your friend request and talk about your niche related things. Health & Fitness related product, Question and answers. Grow your niche Facebook profile with related people around the globe, then you can slowly share your amazon affiliate product link on wall, then send in conversations. You can build customer base slowly. For example some Amazon Kindle book authors and sellers promote thier kindle book on Facebook Kindle Groups

On Facebook you can use another method to promote affiliate products, first search niche related groups and pages, then like and request to groups, after join group and pages you can slowly post your affiliate product page link with descries, hashtags, image. Also, you can post visitor posts on pages you already like in niche related. Next create group chat adding niche related people, then you can start conversation related your niche topics. Share useful information to the people. Then you can share product URL middle of that posts. Remember Facebook has strict rules. And spam protection, you can do it fast within one night. You need slowly promote your affiliate promotion on Facebook. When you promote your affiliate product on Facebook you can use Bitly URL short service to track clicks, traffics source. then you can analyses how results and how improve your campaign.

Drop shipping and Advertising

Next Facebook money making trend is shopify shops. Create shopify or shopping website adding products. Then you can use Facebook website to promote your product and drive traffics to website. First you need create Fan page related your online shopping site, you can add product to the fan page, when you create shopping site you need choose niche then add products related that niche. Then you can easily create ads related your product and target people, gender age range, season and country for get more traffics and sales. Actually, it takes times to understand results.

You can make money from Facebook building influencer Page, be social media influencer, then create fan base, you can invite your fans to buy some product and services.

Create Facebook based Game app, Funny app or something useful for people, then you can charge from app users.

When making money on Facebook you can use AdBreak, but this service only available to some countries.

Facebook Instant article is one of the ways make money from Facebook, you need write quality articles and get approved, but some people fail when their page with low engagement.

I write short and simple way on this article, if I miss another money-making methods from Facebook, you can comment here.


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