US Facebook Group List to Promote Affiliate Link

Hello Friends, today I’m going to share how to promote Affiliate products, offer, survey link on Facebook groups. You can earn money promoting MaxBounty and any other affiliate link in social media. I will share some useful methods to promote on Facebook Groups.

But these days Facebook promotion is not easy always get removed and blocked. But we can use some tips to put your affiliate landing page link in fb groups and get some traffics.

First create landing page using google site service. Because other domain links get easily removed on fb, google site link stay safe.

Go to and login with your Gmail, then go to Google sites and create page, its easy readymade template on there, simply drag and drop text, picture, button, links etc. then publish your landing page get link.

After getting landing page link, create text line about your affiliate product, service or offer, then you are ready to promote.

Here is some useful US Facebook group list you can use to promote affiliate products.

These groups active on Facebook you can use

List 1 – 1000 US FB Group List

List 2 – 1000 US FB Group List

List 3 – 700+ US FB Group List

You can check going to every group and read what about and decide join or not. some group discussing common topics on social media. you can simply comment on those post and add your landing page link. don’t add lot of links only few per day. you can do it daily until you reach enough clicks.

Comment below if you have any trouble, I will help anytime

Thank you, Have a nice day 🙂

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