ReDesign Gmail App for Android

Hi, Today I’m going to share about New Redesign of Gmail App. Google Revamps their Gmail app. update from Play store for latest version, then you can enjoy new look

gmail app redesign
gmail app redesign

I everyday touch Gmail app icon on my android phone, check 10/20 Email every day, its my most used app on Phone, Email is important that Calls or SMS or Even Facebook notifications.

Actually Gmail App icon not changes, its same like previous, but after update I never thought it will happen big changes, I normally tap as previous, Then I get exited, everything look New Design, I love new, Because everyday same look, but this time everything light, very light design, all are white and smooth color scheme.

I like smoothly look and design, White design give simple feeling easy to use.

Gmail App New Inbox

Gmail New Inbox

Its simple show all mail as list

if mail contain YouTube link it show video in inbox.

New email compose big button bottom Right side

New Gmail Compose

Gmail app Compose

Add and manage multiple Gmail inbox from one App. its easy on this app. look at following image.

Gmail App Account

New Gmail app Sidebar

All labels show clearly, more rooms for Labels

Gmail App Side bar

you can easily navigate labels, inbox, sent, spam, all mail and trash.

Gmail app settings

Gmail app settings

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