How to start an E Commerce business and a web store
How to start an E Commerce business and a web store

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What is E-Commerce? It can be defined as buying and selling goods or services via an electronic network, Primarily Internet. The brick and mortar shops are getting replaced by online stores. By 2019, E-Commerce aggregated 16% of total retail sales. The figure was only 5% in 2007. It is getting bigger and bigger everyday. This is the ideal time for you to think about starting an online store.

Reading the following steps would help you start a successful E-Commerce business.

1) Search for your Niche

The future of your business heavily depends on your Niche. Selecting a Niche for a business can be had for the majority of the people.  We will help you out. Consider these points to select the ideal one.

  • Match Niche with your passion

Simply do what you like. If you pick one that you are not passionate about, most likely, you will fall. Choosing a Niche you love helps you to grow your business with knowledge.

  • Do a Keywords search

There are many online tools available to conduct efficient keyword research. Take your time and identify the things people search related to your Niche.

  • Competition

It’s essential to get a general idea about the competitors who you are going to compete. If you can’t fight with the competitors in your Niche, then why you go with it? Selecting one with less competition and more business opportunities is the way to go.

2) Identify your audience

You must know to whom you are going to sell your products to shape your business. Targeting a specific group of people with specific interests will help your course. Catering your products to an inappropriate customer base is meaningless.

It is not a hard duty to recognize your audience if you are wise enough. Consume little time on social to explore your audience and their behaviors. Facebook and Instagram are two places you can rely on to identify your audience. Another useful option is the keywords search. 

3) Pick a domain name and a logo for your brand

Be mindful to select an eye-catching, short, crisp, and memorable domain name.

It should reflect your brand name and should contain keywords. Keywords in your title help you to rank high in Google. For example, let’s assume your store name is “smart sports store,” then having a domain like” will help your course. Avoid using unwanted characters in your domain name, such as numbers, hyphens, abbreviations, and unusual spellings.

When it comes to the logo selection, try to select a simple one. Complicated designs fail to grab the attention of the people. Think about Apple’s one.

Spend a couple of bucks. There are options on the Internet to get your desired logo.

4) Finalize your business plan

Now you have your Niche, Audience, and domain with you. It’s time for you to plan your business. Put your thoughts together and start it with a mission and a vision for your business. Your business plan should include,

Company summary: overview all the requirements to start your business.

Your products: Outline your products/ services, inventory.

Market analysis: In-depth analysis of the current market and your competitors.

Web plan: include all the development requirements for your website.

Marketing strategies: Clear vision of your mission, branding, and customer communication.

Financial plan: Describe budget, projected profit, expenses, cash flow, and funding resources.

5) Select your online store.

There are so many online platforms available for you to create your store. Be vigilant when you are picking your service provider. Take the below points into account.

  • Security

It is your responsibility to provide maximum security to your customers as they are using sensitive information like credit card details and passwords when they purchase products from your website. Pick a service provider who takes care of it for you.

  • Mobile friendly Website

It is no brainer to explain how big the part mobile users play these days. If your website is not compatible with mobile devices, you are bound to lose a massive chunk of your business. Besides, Google likes websites with less bounce rate, and its algorithm ranks such sites higher in their rankings. 

  • Easy check out methods and search options

The interface of your website and checkout options should not be complicated. Users tend to leave sites that are too complex for them to understand the features and would never return and would never recommend your store to other people.

Best E-Commerce Platforms

We have listed the world’s best 5 platforms / Service providers to build your dream web-store. These platforms help you to establish a website without any coding skills.

  • Shopify

Arguably the best platform you can go for. It is simple to make and launch a website using Shopify. They provide loads of services and prices are not that expensive too. You can select a plan from $29 to $299, depending on the volume of your business.

  • WooCommerce

It is a free WordPress plugin, which allows you to convert your website to a Web-store. It is the preferred option for businesses that are starting their journey with a low budget. 

  • BigCommerce

Some say it is a bit expensive but offers favorable characteristics for both you and your customers. There are a variety of built-in features as well as options to customize your website.


Wix is a sort of a primary E-Commerce platform and ideal for the small sellers. Its set up is so easy and includes 72 free themes, no-frills option. You can buy the services of at a rate of $20 per month.

  • Squarespace

If you are looking for an elegant web-store, then Squarespace suits for you. The artists from all around the world prefer their website to build using Squarespace. There are tools for abandoned cart recoveries, recurring payments and subscriptions, and many more other functions. Prices start from $18 per month at

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