Make Money Online Social Media
Make Money Online Social Media

We live in the age of Social media, The Majority of the people waste their valuable time on gossips, liking photos on social media without putting any effort to identify the opportunity to make money from it. It’s not rocket science. You have to think a little bit out of the box. There are simple ways to either monetize your social media accounts or to use them as a way to make customers to generate income.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most lucrative ways to earn money from social media is Affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Some websites pay you when you promote and make people buy products from them. You will be getting a commission for sales, which is called Affiliate commission or Affiliate fee.  When You register with Affiliate Marketing website, they will provide you a link connected to their product. You can insert this link in your posts and influence your friends/followers to buy the product.

Be creative when you are promoting. There are many efficient methods you can use to promote the product on your social media accounts. You can explain the product as your personal experience, review them as a neutral, create eye-catching videos are few of the options you can use. If you are enriched with a loyal fan base, it won’t be difficult to influence them to buy your affiliate products. They will click the link and check what is in there. The Affiliate website would take care once your follower logs into their Website.

Click Bank, Amazon, Rakuten, eBay are some of the websites you can register as an Affiliate. There is no shortage of products, and You can choose the ideal product to match your interests. Don’t be scammy when you promote them, as you cannot sell chicken being a vegetarian!

YouTube Marketing

Videos are dominating the internet today, and YouTube is the most occupied online video platform of the world. If you can run a YouTube channel, it will make you a Phenomenon and can earn you a good income too. YouTube is one of the best passive income sources. If you decide to be more innovative with your ideas, you can build up an audience without much hassle.

YouTube grants monetization once you complete certain conditions. Currently 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. If your video content worth watching, you might accomplish it within days. Once the monetization is activated, YouTube will display ads on your video and pays you money.

As I said YouTube could earn you money even when you are sleeping, create quality content, YouTube will take care he rests.


If you offer freelance services, you can use social media platforms to grab the attention of your potential buyers. You must be creative all the time, as building up an audience is not a cakewalk for the freelancers. But if you put hard yards, it is not that much hard to have a fan base and convert them to your customers.

Be mindful of providing the best service always, and it is a must. If not, all your initial hard work can be flooded within a jiffy. Be helpful, listen to your customers, be flexible with the inquiries you get from your audience.

SEO experts, Graphic designers, Content writers, Web developers, successfully utilize most of the social media platforms to promote their services.

Run an Online Shop

Got products to sell? Why wasting money on bricks and mortar when you have Facebook? You can establish your online store by using the Facebook business page feature. Set up a business page and select “store selection” to add a store to your page. It is quite simple.

Facebook facilitates options to arrange your products in an eye-catching manner. You can add prices, payment methods, shipping options for your products. You can promote and sell items in one place, which saves your time to concentrate on other ways to make more money.

Facebook has its advertising platform, Facebook ads. By advertising via Facebook, you can target specific audiences who have an interest in your products. Facebook ads are possibly the best way to promote your store. Instagram is another place you can consider opening up an online store. Explore!

Social Media Management

This is a business module; you can earn astonishing monthly income. Almost everyone, including business companies, has their social media accounts. Many of them struggle to find time to handle and promote their marketing campaign over social media effectively. If you are capable enough, You can serve your service to them and make some big bucks.

But it is entirely different from handling your social media accounts. It demands strategical thinking, skills, and a great sense of business opportunities to become a successful social media manager. You must showcase your talent consistently by creating unique and attention-grabbing marketing campaigns. It requires experience. You cannot become a sensation overnight.

One can say this is a freelancing job. Yes, it is. Even the rookies make $15-50 per hour! Imagine how much an experienced one makes?

Become an Instagram Influencer

If you are a passionate person, Instagram can earn you a considerable amount of money as an influencer. There are brands that are searching for influencers to promote their products. To start the journey, you should create high-quality content first, then build up an engaging audience. Brands want engagements.

If you are already a micro-influencer, consider joining with an Influencer network. These networks help you to get connected with the brands, who are in search of the influencers related to your niche. 

You can earn money as an influencer by,

Sponsored posts – The most popular way influencers make money. Companies pay you to promote their products or services in your account.

Become a brand ambassador – Companies pay you to become their representative. These contracts would last for years if you are a good enough ambassador.

Affiliate marketing – as I mentioned above, End of the day, you are an influencer for the Website.

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