Best ransomware antivirus protection 2020
Best ransomware antivirus protection 2020

Ransomware is a malware that denies you accessing your files and demands a ransom from you to provide access to the data back. If you don’t pay the attackers, they will destroy your files and damage the system severely. Ransomware is one of the leading Cyber-crimes in existence today. The first reported Ransomware attack was from Russia in 2005; since then, it has infected thousands of business and personal computers all around the world. Cyber security is big problem now days, after covid-19 global pandemic, some people face social media account hack, especially Facebook Instagram, bank account. Recover Hacked Facebook account using these method.

Typically the ransom is around $300, but it can be destructive if the Attackers recognize the value of the files which are in their hostage. These attacks can cost substantial financial losses, particularly for business companies. But there is no guarantee you will get the full access gain to your files even after the settlement.

The only good news is that this malware cannot work on its own; it needs to be activated by the user.
Generally, the attack comes in as an email attachment or as a link. Once the malware is activated, it will obtain control of the files that attackers seek and deny users from accessing them. Hereafter they will notify the attack to the users indicating a cut off time for the ransom. Usually, it is two or three days.

If you still not infected with a Ransomware attack, You should consider installing an anti-virus software now itself as it is the only way you can eliminate the risk of Ransomware attacks. The following list contains the most advanced and capable Ransomware anti-virus protection you can choose to protect your computer from such attacks. Mostly you will have to pay an amount to get the premium features but not as big as attackers ransom!

Prevention is always better than cure!

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

The premium version of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus considered one of the best antivirus software’s out there to fight against the Ransomware. It is reliable and accurate when it comes to malware detection. Bitdefender blocks access for malicious websites, and there is a secure browser to keep your online transactions safe. You can keep your credit card numbers and other passwords safely using its password manager. Most importantly, there is a “multi-layer ransomware protection” option that instantly identifies Ransomware attacks and keeps your computer safe. By purchasing the Premium version, you will get more additional functions like VPN and safepay as well as multi-layer Ransomware protection.

Avast Antivirus

Avast is one of the best Internet protection and Anti-virus software you can find. They provide basic protection as a free service, But you should consider purchasing the premium package to obtain anti-Ransomware protection. The six-layer security system is designed to detect such malware, which has the capability to fight against all the Ransomware and to flood them with the highest efficiency. AV-Comparatives recognized Avast as the best Anti-virus software in the year 2018

AVG Antivirus

AVG’s Ransomware protection feature is reliable and guarantees your file security all the time. It Automatically prevents malware and avoids them modify your files. If you seek additional security, you can specify which applications are allowed to change your data and can block the permission for some apps. It will enable only the trusted applications and alerts you if an untrusted one attempts any modification. Ensure that you are working with the latest version of AVG, and ransomware protection is only available for their premium users.

One thing is to note is that AVG is a vocal application that tends to send regular notification for every detection. If you see It as a disturb, you can change the “protection sensitivity” from strict mode to smart mode anytime.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

This is slightly expensive anti-virus software and more suited for the experienced users as Its features are relatively advanced comparing to the other ones, ESET carries some reliable options to detect and prevent Ransomware and other malware. They have some unique features in their paid package like real-time malware protection, Anti-Ransomware layer, URL filter, to name a few. This is a lightweight application designed to save your bandwidth package and your memory. Independent lab tests regularly rank ESET as one of the best out of the lot.

Kaspersky Antivirus

It’s “anti-Ransomware for business” tool is rated highly as authoritative and trustworthy specifically for the businesses. Despite the name, this feature is not limited for business. You just have to insert certain business-type information when you download it. Kaspersky’s Ransomware protection has the capability to shield your computer from all types of known and unknown Ransomware attacks. Even it can be utilized along with any security software, and this tool can block both local and remote attempts to modify your data. The user-friendly interface, lightweight nature of the software, and several other security options make Kaspersky one of the best anti-virus software.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus

Most of the anti-Virus software claims to be lightweight, but Webroot is really the tiniest of all. It only takes 2Mb from your hard disk and installs within seconds. But the performance of Webroot got no connections with its size, which makes it so impressive. There are some unique features like real-time anti-phishing, advanced anti-ransomware options, firewall monitor, smart behavior monitor, to mention a few. Even Webroot offers 70day 100% moneyback guarantee, which elaborate it is confident about their features, and it obtains high scores in the lab tests too. If you are fed up with complex and memory sucking anti-virus software, We suggest you try Webroot.

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