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facebook news feed facebook news feed

Everyone daily use Facebook for socialize life with friend families and other people around global. Facebook help to communicate instantly and share life fast with everyone who care for us. But sometimes Facebook give headache and bad mood to us, with some bad post on news feed. You can remove unwanted Facebook post from your…

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tweetdeck tips tricks tweetdeck tips tricks

Hello Friends, Today I’m going to share how to work on TweetDeck web application. Its like a Twitter Pro. Using TweetDeck you can do all thing as with brilliant extra features. Lest go First go to Then it will forward to this URL To start click Log in Button or click sign…

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youtube player features youtube player features

Have a nice day, Hello Everyone, today I’m going to share YouTube video watching tips with you. how to use YouTube Player Features to Enjoy watching. When you watch YouTube video big problem is data usage, video eat lot of data from your data package You can save data by changing video quality Press setting…

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